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Conductor. Tuba player. Teacher.

Hans Christian Andersen once said "hvor ord svigter, taler musikken", meaning "where words fail, music speaks" and nothing could be truer for Callum Rookes. An inspirational musician, versatile performer, and charismatic conductor, Callum has had an exciting, and eclectic musical career performing, and conducting all over the world. 

Welcome to Callum's website. Come take a look to find out more about Callum's journey into the world of music.




Welcome one and all!

I'm Callum and this thingy here that you've stumbled upon is my website. Feel free to look around and hopefully one day I might be of service!

It's quite an intensive music website, isn't it?! So I'd like to take this opportunity to give you a bit more of a snapshot of who I am. As wonderfully rich, and exciting my life is with music, believe it or not, there's a great deal I like to do outside of music.

From my love of craft gin, to discovering new and quirky coffee shops; I love nothing more than pottering around London on the hunt for new gelato shops - if you need recommendations, I have plenty!

I'm an avid traveller, and hope to visit all fifty states of the US by the time I am fifty, as well as travelling to Melbourne to experience the "world's best coffee".

I love comedy, and at the end of a hard day I just want to chill with a good film, or a shameless binge on a new tv series - most likely Game of Thrones, Westworld, or the legendary House. See? I'm pretty normal really!

Please take a gander at the site, and if you have any enquiries, or even fancy a chin-wag, feel free to get in touch!




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