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What a time we're living through? COVID-19 is one big nasty affecting everyday life in every corner of the world, and we still don't know how long we're all going to be stuck indoors watching reruns of 'Friends', experimenting with our baking, or watching paint dry!

I don't know about you, but I miss all the unfettered music making we used to do, and more importantly I worry about my current students who no longer have access to lessons.

Are you feeling similar? Are you someone who had face-to-face lessons, but now have no access to lessons? Or maybe you're someone wanting to use this lockdown time to learn a brass instrument?

If you're one of the above, I am now offering 30 minute online lessons via Zoom, teaching the following:


Trumpet/Cornet/Flugal Horn
Tenor Horn

Baritone Horn



Music theory and aural
General musicianship (for other types of 



1 x 30 minute lesson: £20 

5 x 30 minute lessons: £90 (10% saving)

10 x 30 Minute lessons: £170 (15% saving)

1 x 30 Minute Music Theory, Aural, and General Musicianship lesson: £15

5 x Music Theory, Aural, and General Musicianship lesson: £67.50 

(10% saving)


< Click here to join my online classroom

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"...He will push  you to be the best musician you can be, and his  friendly nature and overall  musical  knowledge  will  leave you feeling supported throughout."      - Kasey Stone, Tenor sax.

"Callum is a  passionate  teacher and musician with a  remarkable  depth of knowledge...He is able to create a trusted, fun and safe environment to explore playing and musicality."    - Simon Van Winkelan, Flautist

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