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The Workshop

Over the past ten years Callum has been working on a workshop that he would want to participate in. The idea was sparked nearly fifteen years ago, in part, with his increasing frustration with attending "play days" with ensembles that were unstructured, uninspiring, were often lead by someone who wasn't trained, and were most frustingly of all, plain boring. It was as if music had sucked the soul out of them!

Callum quickly realised that when he attended these events, he wanted to learn something new, and didn't want to be lectured. He wanted to play challenging music, and be taught how to tackle it. He wanted to be encouraged, and not scolded for getting things wrong. Most of all, He wanted to have fun; so much fun, that when he got home he would want to tell his mum and dad about how much fun he had had.

Over the course of the past five years Callum has seen a great deal of success tutoring and developing ensembles such as the Cambridge Youth Wind Orchestra, the Vejle FDF Brass Band in Denmark, and visiting the Toneheim high school in Norway. More recently he was invited as a guest tutor for the Woodwind Orchestra Play-day at St John's Waterloo (London) where a whopping one-hundred and seventeen woodwind players were in attendance.


Callum now wants to share what he's learned with you, and your ensemble, and is proud to announce that he is taking bookings!


If you currently play in an ensemble, and think that yourself and your peers would benefit from a fresh injection of ideas to help improve your orchestra or band, then don't hesitate to get in touch.


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