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Online Talks

Like many professionals in the music businesses, COVID has hampered our ability to give talks and workshops in person. In light of this, I've carefully crafted a selection of talks suited for online meetings on platforms such as Zoom, Google, Skype, Facebook Live and Instagram live. These talks are aimed at giving fresh ideas and guidance particularly to wind and brass players, but also more generalist advice to all musicians. All talks are 30 mins, with added time on top for questions. Below is a menu of talks I give:

"Method in the Madness"A talk on what makes a conductor tick, my thought processes on approaching new scores, and how I approach rehearsals.                                                                                                                                 Price: £40

"Just Breathe" - A talk on the often overlooked aspect of wind and brass playing (as well as singing), breathing.This talk focusses on how we can improve our lung capacity, improve efficiency of inhalation and exhalation, and how we can bring our playing to the next level if we focus on our breathing. Based on the teachings of Arnold Jacobs, Pat Sheridan, and Sam Pilafian.                Price: £40

"The Art of Practice" - We all lead busy lives, balancing a busy work schedule often with a busy family life, and that's before we even think about a social life that we try to squeeze in. This talk is about how we can be efficient with practice, how we can motivate ourselves, and how we can make real progress during the limited time we have, whilst also addressing practice technique.. This talk is perfect for those with busy lives, and those who often get their instrument out once a week for their weekly band rehearsal.                   Price: £40

"Get a Grip of Your Scales!" - For some peculiar reason, I've discovered that many wind players struggle with their scales, and it stems from being an overlooked area in their practice routine, and a lack of emphasise on their role and importance in music making being stressed by their teacher. This talk is aimed at thinking about scales differently, and changing the mindset  of "I need to learn my scales" to "I want to play my scales".                                                                                                                                                         Price: £40

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